Hello Team KWSTL,

I wanted to update you on our position in the market.  We are the #1 office in closed units in all of the MLS.  We can say to our clients that our office is the most successful in getting homes sold!

One of our big goals was to become #1 in volume.  CBG Town and Country has been #1 for 20+ years.  If you listen to their “on hold” message and look at their advertising, they claim to be #1 in the state of Missouri.  Last year we were #2, and we were $60 million behind them.  This year to date WE ARE $3 MILLION BEHIND THEM!  I believe we’ll pass them up very soon—and become “The new #1 office in the state of Missouri”!!!

It is all because you: Our great agents. Every deal you close, every listing you get sold, every buyer you help gets us one step closer to our goal.  Our agents show such positivity and “can-do attitude” that despite market conditions, you continue to move forward.  I am so proud of our office!!!

Thanks for all you do for our office.  Here’s to reaching #1!

All the best,

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Have you ever thought to yourself,   “I’ll be happy when I get the big job…or I’ll be happy when I lose weight…or I’ll be happy when I’m successful”?   That’s a common belief our culture:   Success equals happiness.   I just finished the book “The Happiness Advantageby Shawn Achor and he believes we have the formula backwards.   He writes, “…new research in psychology and neuroscience shows that it works the other way around:   We become more successful when we are happier and more positive.   For example, doctors put in a positive mood before making a diagnosis show almost three times more intelligence and creativity than doctors in a neutral state, and they make accurate diagnoses 19 percent faster.   Optimistic sales people outsell their pessimistic counterparts by 56 percent.   Students primed to feel happy before taking math acheivement tests for outperform their neutral peers.”

The book goes on to say that the number one determiner for happiness levels is social relationships and connectedness.   So if you feel guilty about spending time with family and friends instead of working (or that there is so much to do around the house) remember that happiness and joy can lead to higher levels of success.

Here’s to more joy and happiness!



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One of my favorite inspirational writers/speakers is Jon Gordon.   Below is a recent article that I wanted to share.   It’s all about how important the little acts of kindness are to those around us.   Don’t forget how powerful you are and how you can impact your clients, your co-workers, your family, and even strangers by expressing kindness.


“Since yesterday was Mother™s Day I™ve been thinking a lot about my mom.

I remember taking a walk with her in south Florida when I noticed she was getting tired. My mom and I always walked together. She was a walking machine and never got tired so I knew the cancer was starting to take its toll.

“Let™s go back to the condo so you can rest,” I said.

“No, I want to walk to the store so I can get some things to make you a sandwich for your drive home.”

I was headed back to Jacksonville and my mom thought I might starve to death without eating during the five hour drive. : )

“Ok,” I said knowing she had her mind set and the one thing you don™t do in my family is argue with my mom about food. Food and love were one and the same to her.

We continued walking, made it to the supermarket and as we walked back I could tell she was getting more and more tired.

When we arrived back at her condo she was exhausted and yet she went right to the kitchen to make me a sandwich.

On my drive home I ate that sandwich but I didn™t think much about it at the time.

Now, five years later, I think about that sandwich a lot because that was the last time I saw my mom fully conscious.

When I think about my mom I think about the fact that she was battling cancer, fighting for her life and her biggest priority was to make me a sandwich.

We often think that we have to do big, expensive things to show people that we care about them but my Mom™s sandwich represents that showing people you care is not about the big things.

It™s about doing the little things with a big dose of selfless love.

In memory of my Mom I want to encourage you today to do the little things that show people you care about them. Do them at work and at home.

Take a team member to lunch. Write a thank you note. Call and encourage a colleague, friend or family member, play with your child, take a walk with a friend, etc. Be intentional about it.

The opportunities to make a difference are endless. Just do something small with a big dose of selfless love.

Who knows you might even make someone a sandwich!:”     -Jon Gordon www.JonGordon.com

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Hello Team KWSTL,

I am so excited that our region is bringing BOLD back to St. Louis to ensure our agents have the best spring market possible!  The “First Step to BOLD” is a free class and if you need more business, you should be there.  It will be held at SLAR on Thursday, Jan. 27th from 9am-1pm.  Please reserve your spot by responding to this email or signing up at the front desk.

Here’s what some of our agents have said about BOLD:

“BOLD was a HUGE wake up call for me.  Removing the “fear of success” and empowering me to take the actions necessary to improve my business and my life!

Very specific and detailed training with step by step actions and for me, the shifting of my mindset gave me the energy, power and enthusiasm along with tools to  improve my business in 2010 by  97%, having my best year ever!”  -Pat Coursault (Pat increased her business in 2010 from $6 Million  to just under $12 Million in volume)

BOLD empowered me to stay positive in a down market, it allowed me to believe more in myself and my abilities in this market.  It gave me the strenght to perservere through tough times and to learn from this journey rather than suffer.  I’ve been able to rise above the negativity and keep going.  Bold is inspirational, motivational, challenging and rewarding both personally and professionally and in the end…monetarily.  It’s fun, it will make you uncomfortable and brave at the same time…if you haven’t done it…DO IT!!  You will thank yourself in the end!  -Cathy O’Neill

BOLD taught me how to put negative thoughts aside and to foucs on the positive.  It’s so easy to fall into the “poor me” syndrome!  My sales increased (best year ever) and people started commenting on my positive and upbeat outlook.  I never hesitate to tell them that I wasn’t always that way, and how BOLD changed my way of thinking – and acting.”  -Kirstie Scheer

“If you are anything like me, you are just real happy to stay in your comfort zone, thank you very much! BOLD shattered that concept.  My business was going NOWHERE, & I just kept doing the same old thing & expecting different results.  There’s a term for that, it’s called CRAZY!  I’d been chasing every new internet lead generating scam that came down the pike, looking for an easier softer way.  Guess what, it doesn’t work like that!  BOLD showed me what top producer’s do, & how they do it. It’s all about MINDSET & ACTION! I’ve been given all the knowledge & tools I need to be successful. Now it’s up to me to implement the system, & it is working. BOLD Training to take you to the top of your game.”

-Steve Duebelbeis

Also, if you know of agents in other companies that need more business, please let them know.  BOLD is open to all companies, and each session we have a number of agents from various companies working to take their career to the next level.

Here’s to a great spring market!


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Happy 2011!  Below is an article from Jon Gordon (www.jongordon.com), an author/speaker I admire, about living life to the fullest.  When I read it, it made me think of our office, our wonderful agents and staff, and how we can live fearlessly in this new year.  Here’s to a wonderful and exciting 2011!

With deep admiration,



No FearTen years ago I looked out into the Atlantic Ocean on New Year™s Day with fear in my heart and uncertainty in my life. I had been fired from a “dot.com” company two weeks earlier with only two weeks of severance, no insurance for my two young children and only two months of savings in the bank. My wife and I had just invested every dollar we had and even took out a second mortgage on our home and $20,000 on a credit card to open what would be the first Moe’s Southwest Grill in Florida. The restaurant was set to open January 13th and we had no earthly idea how we would pay our home mortgage and other bills since I planned on keeping my salary and job while my managers built the restaurant business. Now, it was New Years Day and I had no job, no salary and a restaurant opening that at worst would fail miserably or at best take a year to be profitable.

I thought of all this as I prepared to jump into the icy cold water-to take a symbolic plunge that this would be the year of NO FEAR. Regardless of the circumstances I was facing, this would be the year where I would trust and go for it. This would be the year I would be bold in actions and faith and humble in spirit. No longer could I do it alone. Now I needed a miracle and I decided to act as if my future depended on me and pray like it depended on God.

By jumping into the ocean I was declaring that no longer will I allow fear to cut off the flow of abundant and positive energy in my life. No longer will I allow fear to paralyze me. Instead of fear I would trust.

Now, ten years later, as I write this I am preparing to jump into the ocean once again on New Year™s Day. It has become my yearly ritual – to remind myself to follow my passion, live life to the fullest, surrender and to stay one step ahead of the fear that hovers around me.

And as I take my leap into the ocean I want to invite you to jump in with me. Perhaps not in the ocean but in the depths of your mind. This jump doesn’t necessarily require water but rather a leap of faith in your belief system and a shift in your mindset. The antidote to fear is trust and it is only a thought away.

No one is going to push you over the chasm of struggle to the life that you want. God will nudge you but you must take the leap. You must make this jump in your mind and then with your actions. You must make this jump with trust, determination and faith. After all, they don’t call it a leap of fear. They call it a “leap of faith” for a reason.

You will always feel fear. Everyone will. But your trust must be bigger than your fear. The bigger your trust the smaller your fear becomes. And the more you trust the more you become a conduit for miracles. I know. A consulting project presented itself out the blue and we were able to pay our mortgage. A check came in the mail, the right opportunities came our way and somehow, some way my family and I were carried.

I know that 2010 was not a great year for many people but I believe New Year™s Day represents a fresh start and it presents a new opportunity to create the life and career you want. All you have to do is jump in with all that you are and all that you wish to become.

Here’s to an amazing 2011!

-Jon Gordon

P.S. People often ask me what happened to my restaurant. Well, thankfully I eventually opened 4 restaurants and sold them six years ago knowing it was time to focus 100% on the work I’m doing now. Thank you for your support and for sharing this message with others.

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Dear Team KWSTL,

Happy Holidays!  I hope everyone is celebrating with family and friends and getting ready for the New Year.  We have much to celebrate here at Keller Williams Realty St. Louis, and I am so proud to be a part of this office.

One story I have to relay is about one of our own agents, Patti Accardi-Baum. Like many of us, these past few years have been challenging for Patti and her family.  They recently downsized their home and were getting settled in.  Then Patti found out that due to a difficult situation, her neice and nephews were facing possible foster care. Patti couldn™t let that happen.  So she gracefully stepped up and took them in, and will be caring for them for the next 5 years or so.

I am so touch by this act of love and faith.  Even when she has faced her own challenges, she stepped up and offered to share what she has.  She is an everyday hero to me.

Next, I get the joy of watching how the rest of our agents responded.  Teri Nicely and Judy Brown suggested we œadopt a family for Christmas—so how about Patti™s family?  Teri checked with Patti to see what would be the most helpful.  Patti said what they really need is Home Depot supplies as they are going to build bedrooms in the basement to accommodate the kids.  Teri sent an email and our agents started donating money.

So here™s the other part of the story—the generosity and spirit of our agents.  I happen to know that some of the agents who donated very generously, haven™t had their best year this year.  They could have said, œthis isn™t the time for me to give, but instead, they reached out in faith and love and gave generously.  Our office raised $1,000 and Patti reported that they purchased many, many supplies and have started work on the build-out.

Patti sent me a note which read, œYou may never know how much you all touched our hearts this blessed Christmas¦this has solidified that fact that we are more like a family than just an office!  Knowing you are behind us in our decision has made it less scary”Thank you for that¦Love you all, Patti

Please send your love and prayers to Patti and her family, and remember to celebrate the warmth and generosity of our agent family.  I am so fortunate to be a part of this office and get to see these examples of care on a daily basis.

Here™s to a wonderful holiday season,


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Hello Team KWSTL,

Just wanted to send a quick weekly update.

We had a busy week and 5 new agents have decided to partner with us to grow their business.  Please welcome:

  • Jay Cammon (formerly of Prudential Advantage)        
  • Joyce Cammon (formerly of Prudential Advantage)    
  • Rick Faeth (formerly of Kelsey Cottrell)    
  • Stacy Kelly (formerly of Prudential Advantage)    
  • Steve Roetto (formerly of Kelsey Cotrell)    

We are thrilled to be in business with them.

We had a wonderful grand re-opening party on Wednesday and enjoyed the music of the very talented KW Allstars.  If you missed them, you can catch them again at the pool party on July 17th.

We will have our Tuesday sales meeting on July 6th.  The topic will be on how to inject energy into your business and continue to grow your business as we hit the 1/2 year mark.

Have a safe, wonderful and FUN weekend!!!

See you next week,


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Hello Team KWSTL,

Just a quick update on our growth and #s.

I was looking comparing May ’09 to May ’10 and this where we stand:

Our sales volume is up 99% over last year, and from this time last year we have moved from #6 to #2 in the St. Louis MLS.

CBG Town & Country is #1 in sales volume (they have been #1 for 20 years).  They are up 4% year to date over last year.

Keller Williams Realty St. Louis is #2 in sales volume—and we are up99%!

May of ’09 we had 169 agents—May ’10 we have 266 agents.  Profit share May of ’09 was $16,459 —May  ’10 PS was $52,571 (that’s up 219%!).  It is my goal that every agents receives profit share.  Talk to me about how I can help you .

Thanks to you and all your hard work, we are moving to #1!!!

All the best,


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RED Day is a day Keller Williams agents set aside once a year to give back to the communities that give us so much.   It’s a day that’s not about making money, or business as usual.   Instead it’s a day to join together, work as a team and give back.

This year, our office decided to renovate two Touchpoint (formerly Judevine) residential homes for adults with autism.   Our agents & vendors painted, landscaped, installed new flooring and had a lot of fun.   Our generous vendors donated an electrical panel, a furnace, and lots of time and money.

Teri Nicely wrote the following re-cap on the day:

“Whew! What a DAY!!! We started early, with donuts, provided by our very own, John Walsh…donuts with red and white sprinkles, I might add! The forecast was for thunderstorms all day, but miraculously, the day was dry, cloudy and comfortable.  We loaded up the trucks and headed out to out two locations. Team Captains Collette Brasier and Pat Coursault led the forces, and all the volunteers got to work. And they worked HARD! Crews inside and out, trimming, digging, cutting down a tree, painting, scrubbing, pulling weeds, power washing esteriors, sidewalks and decks. Neighbors wandered over to see what we were up to and thanked us for our contibutions! Lunch arrived-Thanks to Patti Leonard for organizing, and gave us the fuel we needed for the afternoon. At the end of the day, we had painted the interiors of two homes, cleaned bathrooms, kitchens, refrigerators. We cleaned up two yards, everything from pulling weeds, mulching beds, to Matt Balcer taking down a huge tree…3 truckloads of yard waste went to the mulching center. The houses are looking GREAT!!! Heath McClain, Director couldn’t be happier, and says it was the best “Adopt-A-Home” he had ever participated in. I have also heard the agents state they had a great time, and received more that they gave through their efforts. It was a chance to get to know eachother and get to know our vendors.   Overall…a HUGE SUCCESS, thanks to ALL that participated!!!

I GREATLY APPRECIATE all that contributed. Our efforts began with the garage sale, raising funds to buy supplies. Thank you to all that donated, set up and worked!  Prior to RED DAY, the KW Care committee put in hours visiting the properties, meeting with vendors, purchasing supplies, and prepping the houses. On  RED DAY, we had about 40 people working at the two houses…and they accomplished A LOT. And then there are the VENDORS! Many Vendors did work prior, and many continue to help us complete the jobs, with painting, refinishing hardwoods, power washing, new electric panel, new furnace, cleaning A/Cs, and 6 vendors helped us with the labor. We will recognize our participating vendors with a celebration when the work is complete. In addition, many who could not participate have made donations (we are still accepting donations, by the way), which is paying for flooring, and if we have enough $ may replace an inoperable garage door.

Stay tuned…we will put together a slide show, thanks to Susan Clark and Kelly Jones and all others who took pics and are getting those to me.

I can’t thank you all enough. It was a team effort, and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing TEAM. It truly is the Culture of Keller Williams that makes this a special place to work and grow…THANK YOU!!!      

With a Full Heart, Teri Nicely”

I’m proud to be a part of this group!  

Thanks for a great day,


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 Hello Team KWSTL,

Today was such a busy day and our sales meeting was jam-packed.  In case you missed anything, I wanted to send out an update:

My burning desire for our agents is that they have lots of business, lots of closing, and are taking home lots of money to their families.  Spring market is upon us and I want to make sure we are doing all we can to make sure our agents are making the most of it.  We talk about how you have to prospect (i.e. make calls) and market (mailings, emails, etc.).  To help make sure you are doing all you can we are focusing on:

  • “Power Hour” on Wednesdays mornings (starting 3/17) from 9am-10am in the training room. This is a time to spend focused effort on making calls (SOI, expireds, fsbos) to get appointments, which lead to business.  The two biggest obstacles in making calls is 1) generating a list and 2)having a reason to call.  Get your list ready before Wed. morning, show up at Power Hour and we’ll help you with the rest.
  • 33 Touch Workshop on the last Thursday of the month. We will have an email piece and a direct mail piece ready for you to add your information and send out to your sphere of influence.  It’s all about building mindshare and we’re here to help.

Also  from the sales meeting: It’s open enrollment time for the KW group insurance plan.  Patti Bueker is gathering information and we will have an informational meeting thisThursday at 12:45.  There are a variety of plans available (some include vision, dental, orthodontics, etc.) and the rates are very attractive.  If you’d like more information, please come to the meeting on Thursday.

Another exciting thing I noticed today was the KW Cares committee meeting.  It was exciting to see so many agents brainstorming ways we can give back to our community.  Red Day is coming up on May 13th and this committee has some wonderful ideas on how we can come together and spend time having fun and helping others.  More info to come regarding Red Day—stay tuned!

Spring is here!  There’s lots of business out there (for example, I just heard that Brad & Mickie have 15 closings this month – way to go!).  Don’t forget to show up, suit up, and get in the game!

See you in the office,


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